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A Teachertron Adventure!

Children from 8 years of age to 12 years of age get ready for an adventure like no other. Sessions will be a Teacher directed STEM based mission, in a modified Minecraft world, to save the Over-world and solve a large mystery and series of quests and challenges. Finding clues and conquering the Minecraft world created by Mr Teachertron is easier said than done however - this particular world will see adventurers fuelling rockets, building new technologies and diving into a world rich with loot, new mobs, new crafting recipes and challenges ... oh and of course, the overall goal of  reaching the stars! The session will be in survival mode and mobs will (of course) be on. This particular map will be able to be revisited time and again, with player progress saved on each session attempt or when return bookings. Unlike simply playing a video game this will be a teacher led adventure map where children are expected to be creative, innovative and collaborative to solve tricky puzzles, riddles and outsmart mobs, traps and much, much more … 

Coders - Now you can also learn to code, WHILST playing and learning about game making. Code the Minecraft universe to make impossible mods, crazy events and Overpowered gear and bases.

21st Century Fluency's promoted throughout Teachertron's Minecraft Madness Server:

Your Mission

To take out the Minecraft cup, you will need to outsmart mobs, traps, other players and the Temple of Gloom!

Learning through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Teachertron's servers align with cross curricular priorities, using stealth learning and games-based learning as model frameworks. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are built within the core of the games mechanics, projects and challenges.

Session times:

Thursday 4:30 - 5:30 at Mitcham Memorial Library.

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