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We are excited to announce we now cater for libraries and OSHC. Contact us via the contacts page to lock in a 10 session term long club for your library or OSHC today. Or if you need a holiday activity maybe a workshop works better for you. We come to you and our sessions align with the Nationally Approved Australian Curriculum.


A fun filled adventure where  students enjoy an immersive game-based experience that drives creativity, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. With 10 plus years building curriculum aligned experiences within Minecraft, let us take your students on an fun filled adventure. Each session strongly ties to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning and digital technologies and digital citizenship. It lets students experiment with future-ready skills such as problem solving resilience, systems thinking ... and we love nurturing a passion for play.

Our workshops consist of:

Option 1: is a 90 min session for up to 30 Middle Primary and Upper Primary students (years 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7). This session is focused on problem solving challenges within the Minecraft Education Edition world, and has been hand crafted by a Digital Technologies Specialist teacher, and Minecraft Accredited Educator, to challenge and promote problem solving resilience, cooperation and collaboration - along with a heck of a lot of fun surprises along the way. Students work in teams to overcome obstacles, build designs and prototype solutions in a exciting race to the finish line.

Option 2: is a 90 min session for up to 30 Middle Primary and Upper Primary (years 4, 5, 6 and 7), and is all about coding. This session is focused on coding challenges and learning new coding languages.

Term long membership


Our most popular event is our 10 week, term long membership. Students will have opportunity to be immersed for a 75 min session each week in the following ways:

Survive in the world of Minecraft - innovate, improvise and code your way through mysteries and adventures!

- Creativity
- Problem Solving
- Collaboration
- Higher Order Thinking
- Science
- Technology
- Engineering
- Maths ...
          and most importantly - fun!

Learning through Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

Focusing on problem solving challenges within the Minecraft Educational world, this program is facilitated by a STEM Coordinator and Minecraft Accredited Educator (Mr T).
The workshops are designed to challenge and promote problem solving resilience, cooperation, and collaboration – with a lot of fun surprises along the way.
Kids work in teams to code and overcome obstacles, build designs, and prototype solutions in an exciting progression of code challenges.
• Children enjoy an immersive game-based experience
• Drives creativity
• Communication
• Collaboration
• Problem-solving


We can also take a more code based spin - I can tailor a CS progression for primary to secondary learners, helping progress students from block-based coding to Python with standards-based content. With 200 hours of CS content for all levels and abilities. Each sesson includes a load of student fun while developing computer science skills.


We start with an Hour of Code  which gets kids ready for for the next step, computing with Minecraft, it is a 30-hour, 10-unit set of materials based on CSTA standards that teaches learners about conditionals, functions, coordinates, and more in block-based coding.

Here are some of my example lessons that I utilise Code Builder to teach computational thinking:

·        Escape Estate: is the one-hour intro to coding lesson in the Hour of Code series. Students complete puzzles with code to escape a mysterious mansion.

·        Compute a Zoo challenges students to use block-based code to create a zoo entrance and animal enclosures.

·        Sea Turtle Assistance bridges biology, ecology, and computer science as students use algorithms to help protect sea turtles.

·        In Python 101: Lesson 9, students decompose problems and write code to design a game.


In addition I feature regular build challenges that engage students’ creativity and strengthen 21st-century skills. As seen below:


- Harvest Time has students take on multiple tasks to improve harvesting efficiency and then use creative coding skills to carve a pumpkin.


- In Number Line Railroad, students explore the relationship between numbers by completing a number line and connecting the railroad segments.


- These sessions help students prepare for the future by prioritising digital fluency skills, promoting community, encouraging a coding mindset, and teaching computational thinking.



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