Parents kick back for a couple of hours these school holidays as your little humans prepare to visit the stars!


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Minecraft Madness + Crazy Coding

Full Day Now Available!

These coming school holidays students from age 8 to 12, embark on a Mr Teachertron led Minecraft challenge and Crazy Coding adventure!


Teen's - Try your skills in our Hungry Games Session

Want to challenge yourself? Try your hand in a Hungry Games session to be featured on our website and go into our hall of fame!

Have you got what it takes to win the Minecraft Cup!

Each session will be a teacher led adventure, solving challenges, finding clues and working as teams to conquer the handcrafted Minecraft World and mysteries ... 

Or come and test your skills and learn all about coding and moding the minecraft world - want it to rain llama's? We got that ... Want to code the ultimate bow and arrow? We got that ... or how about coding your robot to build you a diamond castle ... yep we got that too!

New Technologies!

Discover a Universe full of possibility ...

Survive in the world of Minecraft, innovate, improvise, create your own adventure!

Or just want to learn how to make games and code the minecraft world to be your very own?

- Creativity

- Problem Solving

- Collaboration

- Higher Order Thinking

- Science

- Technology

- Engineering

- Math's ...

          and most importantly - FUN, MYSTERY AND ADVENTURE!!!!!


Teachertron's Minecraft Madness


Melbourne CBD

MAB Eastern Promenade, Clovelly Park SA

Please make your booking online (on the event booking page). Please read the mission brief in the 'about' tab or by clicking the 'Register Now' button.


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